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If you would like a brand new website or a redesign of an existing web presence we'd love to hear from you.

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We provide web design and development services combining design expertise with a thorough knowledge of web and SEO techniques. Our websites feature a Content Management System, allowing for quick and easy updates. As well as clients all over the UK, we have many local clients in Milton Keynes, Northampton and London.

  • Travel web design


    Our travel company client needed a web design to portray their exceptional levels of quality and service. The web site has secure client areas, a full CMS, dedicated landing pages and is used as an information hub by their clients.

    > Travel web design
  • Catering web design


    We have designed a web site for a catering company based in Milton Keynes. Their food is handmade and they wanted the site to reflect that feel. Elements of the site have a hand drawn look, without forgetting the SEO and web principles that underpin the design and content. They have seen more enquires since the site was launched.

    > Catering web design
  • Automotive web design


    Our web design for our automotive client features a large area on the front page where the client can publish offers themselves via a simple interface in the CMS, thus allowing them to quickly display new items as well as their monthly offers.

    > Automotive Web Design
  • Care home web design


    We have produced a web design using our CMS for this large care home company. The site includes a text-to-speech utility for those that need it as well as other disability friendly features, and is frequently updated by the client themselves using the built in CMS.

    > Care home web design

  • Startup Web Package


    Our StartUp web package is ideal for customers requiring a first web presence. It provides expandable and flexible design, development and istallation.

    Features: Up to 5 web pages, contact form, up to 7 hours design time and a fully enabled CMS for easy updating.

    > Startup Web Package
  • Bespoke Web Package


    Our Bespoke web package is designed for customers with a more extensive requirement. As well as more content and pages, you can include multimedia elements such as video.

    Features: Up to 20 web pages, logo design, contact form, up to 10 hours design time and a fully enabled CMS for easy updating.

    > Bespoke Web Package
  • Custom Web Package


    If you have a series of specific requirements, the Custom web package is the one to select. Interactive content sliders, multimedia elements, integrated blogs, secure customer areas and downloads... if you want it, we can build it!

    Features: Up to 21 hours design time and a fully enabled CMS for easy updating.

    > Custom Web Package

  • Our SEO services


    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is name given to ensuring that your website can be found by search engines such as Google and Bing, and thus by your customers. All of our websites have extensive SEO built in by default, and we can help you refine your content to get the best results.

    > Our SEO services
  • Our CMS services


    A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to update your website yourself, without having to go back to your provider every time you need a change.

    mkWebSolutions build sites undepinned by a CMS, so you can control your own site.

    > Our CMS services
  • Our Ecommerce services


    Selling your goods online is essential in today's market. The internet is the new High Street and without a presence there you are missing out in a huge way.

    We can advise on your ecommerce needs and implement a suitable solution.

    > Our Ecommerce services
  • Our HTML EMail services


    Marketing by email is an important channel to your customers. But how do you avoid being redirected into the dreaded 'Spam' folder? And how can you ensure that your emails are read rather than deleted?

    We can help with the design and technical implementation and also advise on your email marketing strategy.

    > Our HTML EMail services

We love talking about the web. We are passionate about design, and focus on producing a design suitable for your business. We understand that a B2B site is a very different proposition than a B2C site. We know how important it is that your site come in a good position on search engines, so we will build in good SEO as a matter of course.

If you want to talk web, just give us a call. Or we'd love it if you came to see us. We'll put the kettle on and make sure we've got some biscuits!

Call us on 01908 828961, fill in the quick contact form on the left or click here for our contact details.


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