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HTML Emails

Contacting your customers by email is one of the most targeted elements of your marketing strategy. Especially if they have given you their email addresses themselves. You know they are interested in your products or services.

So how can you maximise the effect of your marketing emails and improve your click through rates? The answer is by a combination of design skill and technical knowledge. The design of your email can reinforce your brand, bring customers back to your website and create an ongoing dialogue between you. New developments, special offers, changes to your site – all are an excellent driver of traffic to your website.

html emails

But what of corporate firewalls that might strip out all the graphics or might not let your email through at all? How can you create an email that works in the many different email client programs? How can you send an email that perfectly captures your brand values?

At mkWebSolutions we will design a bespoke email framework that can be used by any of the most popular mass emailers (such as DotMailer, Mailing Manager, NewZapp, mailChimp etc) and advise you on how to prepare to content avoiding the common pitfalls.

HTML emails are one of the most effective (and cost effective) methods of reaching your customers. Let mkWebSolutions maximise their effect for you, call us on 01908 828961 or send us a message

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