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Landing Pages

Highlighting a particular product or service on your web site can be a problem.

Do you splash it all over your home page? Fine, but what about the content that was on there? It’s now lost – you are promoting one line at the expense of another.

Do you create a new page in your standard web site? Logical – but how do you make sure people notice it?

Does it have its own branding? Maybe it’s a third party product or maybe you have developed a sparkly new identity for your new line. Put it all over your existing site and at best you will end up with a mixed look and feel. At worst you will just confuse your customers, old and new.

The answer is to create a promotional site. That can be as small as a single landing page or it can be a complete micro-site. You can use a completely new web address ( or keep it within your current site ( Either way, it can have its own look and feel, as similar or as different to your main site as required. Publicise the new address to potential customers via advertising (including HTML emails), links on your existing site, press releases etc.

Your new customers will come straight to the product or service you want them to see. No confused messages. And what’s more, you can use web analysis tools to see exactly who is coming to look at your new offering, where they came from and much more.

mkWebSolutions can create promotional web pages that make sure your new product launches with a bang! Just give us a call on 01908 828961 or send us a message

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