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Prepare the copy/content, keeping in mind the keyword that have been identified in the research phase. Consider using ‘long tail’ keywords to filter your traffic and get higher in the rankings. For example, there will be an endless number of sites with ‘marketing’ as a keyword, less with ‘marketing consultancy’ and even less with ‘marketing consultancy Northampton’ or ‘automotive marketing consultancy’. More specific, accurate keywords increase the quality of the website hits you get. A word of advice though – don’t forget that your primary audience is people, not the search engines! So don’t ‘stuff’ the content with keywords and phrases. Just make sure they appear where they fit and are relevant.

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  • We ensure the code for the website is standards compliant, and that it is cross-browser compatible.
  • All pages will have MetaTags and MetaDescriptions – people can't read these, but search engines can and do, using them as one of the factors to rate your page.
  • We will ensure that your keywords appear in the relevant places within the code of the site.
  • As far as possible (depending on your requirements) we will use as little Flash, Javascript/AJAX or other non-SEO friendly technologies as possible. This is especially important for the navigation menu which should be programmed in HTML and should contain text links.
  • All images will have an alternative text description.
  • All pages will have static, SEO-friendly URL addresses. Dashes will be used instead of underscores to separate words
  • Internal links will contain descriptive text including keywords where possible (i.e. ‘Click here for technical info on our widgets’ rather than ‘Click here’).
  • We will create a sitemap that can be easily read by search engines and will put a link to it on all relevant pages
  • If you have decided to use social media (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Blogs etc) we will include links/feeds on the site.
  • Email accounts should reflect the name of the site (i.e. ‘’). Do not be tempted to use Hotmail or Gmail accounts.

Once the site is live, you should attempt to get links to your site placed on other highly respected sites. This is easier said than done, but try existing and past customers, local and national business and trade associations, Chambers of Trade etc. Never be tempted to put hidden or paid for links on your site. Search engines will spot these a mile off and downgrade your site rating heavily.

Remember to include your web address in your emails (in a signature perhaps) and all of your marketing material.

Once your website has gone live, you will need to periodically Review your results.

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