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Search Engine Optimisation - Research

Initial research contributes a lot to the success of your SEO strategy. A cornerstone of the search engine page ranking method is that they look for ‘keywords’. Keywords are words and multi-word phrases that are commonly used in relation to your sector, subject and industry. Keyword research is a must, since this is such an important area. They will be used not only within the content of your page, but also potentially as the browser page title and the on-screen headings. Our separate 'keywords' sheet will be provided for you to complete, and it contains hints and tips on researching your keywords. Focus on a small number of highly relevant keywords per page. We offer a range of services to assist with this process if you prefer not to carry out such research yourself.

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If possible, you should purchase a domain name that contains one of the best relevant keywords. This may prove difficult if your sector is at all developed. Ensure that the domain location (.com, ,, .info, .net, .org etc) is relevant. For example if you are a worldwide enterprise, avoid, use .com. If you are highly targeted at the UK market then a suffix is a good idea. We will ensure that the domain has no previous bans from search engines.

It is important to register for a Google Analytics account (free). We will then include the relevant code on the site during the development process.

Once the research phase of the process is complete, it is time to move onto the Action phase.

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