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Search Engine Optimisation - Review

Your website will need to be reviewed periodically in order to get the best results.

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Use Google Analytics to see how people reached your site – including what they were searching for.

Set a regular review date, where you analyse the keywords and phrases being used and modify your content and keywords in the light of this. Replace underperforming keywords and phrases with other variants or synonyms. Find out what other phrases are being used in your sector to get hits.

Update and/or add to your content as frequently as is practical. Search engines like a lively site, and down rate a site that had been unchanged for a while (in case it is a ‘dead’ site).

We can help with all areas of website SEO review, including reviewing existing sites. You may find that a small investment in improving your existing site will give it a new lease of life.

Once you have reviewed your site, you may well have to move back into the Research phase again.

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